Covenant Ranch Trucking, LLC and Azure Standard

Azure Standard MW Routes via Covenant Ranch Trucking, LLC.

Covenant Ranch Trucking LLC is excited to be working exclusively with Azure Standard in delivering the finest whole food to the Midwest at affordable prices!!

As a family, we have shopped with Azure Standard for the last 13 years.

When the Lord brought us to Kansas I was shocked at the limited resources for good quality food and even more shocked at the prices. Azure was not yet delivering to Kansas. In fact, the closest drop was
in Nebraska, a three hour drive! That was no problem for me, I would take what I could get and made the drive to Nebraska with a few of my boys to get our food.  We were delighted when Azure announced that they would be delivering to KS, OK, AR, and MO in September of 2009! We were even more excited when they asked us if we would drive for them! After much prayer and God's provision we began delivering for Azure in July of 2010!  What a delight this experience has been! We feel as if we work alongside friends for a common goal to serve others! We have been richly blessed by so many wonderful families scattered across the Midwest. If you would like to learn more about Azure Standard we invite you to visit their website at: or

Setting up a hassle free account with Azure is simple!  You can read those details at: "Getting Started"  If you need any other personal assistance please do not hesitate to contact me using our contact page.
We look forward to hearing from you and perhaps seeing you soon! If you do not see a reasonable drop in your area feel free to contact me for assistance! I would be delighted to help you develop a drop in your community as well!

You can always contact Azure at:

Note: If you are a customer of Azure and need to know your drop
date for your community please visit our links on the sidebar M-1 route
serves: KS, OK, MO, and AR. Our M-2 Route serves CO, KS, TX, and

Thank you for your interest in Azure Standard and allowing Covenant Ranch Trucking to serve you!!

Joe, Jeanette and the children