Est. 2008

How Covenant Ranch was Established:

Covenant Ranch was established in November of 2008 when we
entered into a covenant with each other, as a family, here at the
Ranch. For many years Joe, Jeanette and children have lived a
life that many call self sufficient- we prefer the term God reliant.
We have lived with alternative energy sources, enjoyed
harvesting native plants for the meal table as well as raising our
own meat, eggs, and dairy products. It has always been our
dream to live with our parents on the same property so that our
children had the blessing of generational wisdom and guidance.
In November 2008 that dream became closer to a reality when
we moved to a small ranch on the out skirts of Topeka Kansas.
As a family we work to create our home here at Covenant Ranch.
We continue to raise our children in an environment where they
thrive on fresh air, plenty of room to run, play and explore as
well as enjoy natural food- free of harmful chemicals and