Meet the Ranch Hands

I am honored to introduce to you to Wood family. The co-owners and ranch hands of Covenant ranch.
Mr. & Mrs. are the loving parents of 11 children and owners of Covenant Ranch, and Covenant Ranch Trucking. Mr. Wood prides himself in delivering quality foods across the US while Mrs. Wood deights in helping him.
Jed (23) and Miranda Wood (19)  (married August 20th 2011) are enjoying their new life together while planning their future. Jed is employee of Covenant Ranch trucking and a wonderful blessing to his family. Miranda is a sweet young woman that enjoys helping care for the family and blessing others.
Bekah Wood (20) and Jacob Yohn (20) (engaged to be married April 21st 2012) are a sweet young couple in love with the Lord and each other. Bekah enjoys practicing photography, planning her wedding and helping care for the home. Jacob, already part of the family, is a godly young man full of vision and kindness.
Elisha (18) is the ranch foreman and a godly young man seeking God's will in his life. He enjoy spending his time in the Word, studying science, and caring for livestock among many other things that fill his days.
Bethany Joy (16) fills her days with study and helping care for the livestock and family. She enjoys helping her momma, practicing violin and photography and training her horse.
Josiah (14) in few words would be defined as "a visionary". Full to the brim with dreams and hopes for the future with a love of God and justice. He enjoys caring for the garden and milking the sweet Jersey cow in the mornings with his momma and brothers. Josiah hopes to become President one day and until then, open his own line of businesses (a Resturant with organic foods, Made in the USA farm supply shop, etc.)
Zeke (13) is a lively young man and enjoys spending his days working on the farm and planning his future cafe`. He hopes to help Josiah with his businesses but for now helps around the kitchen in his spare time.
Timothy, 12, is our beekeeper. He truly delights in spending time with his hives. He also cares for all our poultry. Timmy would like to have a farm of his own one day and enjoys planning for his future.

Sarah Grace (11) is our little homemaker and spends her day helping momma in the kitchen. She enjoys making meals for her family, gardening and sewing in her spare time.

Sammy, 10 and in the red, enjoys milking our Jersey cow and helping his big brothers. He hopes to grow up one day to do great things for God.

Matthew (8) has big dreams of being a NFL player. Until then, he enjoys playing with his brothers, caring for livestock and dreaming of the future!

This is Daniel Justice, who was born on June 21st 2011, and born through our hearts on July 1st.
Daniel has DMD (Duchenne's Muscular Dystrophy) but has been a wondeful blessing to our family since the day he came to us. If you would like to follow Daniel's story and progress please feel free to go to M.O.M., which is Momma Wood's blog.