Covenant Ranch Livestock


We have enjoyed studying cattle breeds for many years. Our family settled on the Jersey breed because of their milk and good tempers. The Jersey breed produces a good quanity of milk with little grain.
Our Jersey milkers produce 3-6 gallons a day with only 3 lbs. of grain.

We have created our own grain recipes so that we know exactly what our animals are eating. We are glad to offer our community raw Jersey milk and milk products. Please contact us via email or phone if you are interested in purchasing raw milk. We occasionally have calves for sale. Check back or email us to inquire about our Jersey calves.

Prices: (These prices are subject to change at anytime)

One gallon Raw Cows milk - $6.50  In glass jars that we provide.
Please bring back your jars. If a jar brakes, we ask that you replace it.

Jersey Milker - $1500.00 (unregistered)

Jersey Heifer - $800.00 - $1200.00 (unregistered)

Jersey Bull - $200 - $1200.00 (unregistered)

Kinder Goats:

The Kinder Goat is a dual purpose goat that has earned the recognition of hundreds of people both nationally and internationally. Commercial Dairy's as well as the individual homestead family benefits from this goat that
offers large quantities of milk and meat while being economical to raise; needing less space and less food.
Gentle and easy to work with the Kinder is an excellent resource to any farm.

To learn more please visit:

PRICES: (subject to change at any time)

Bucks - $250.00
Milking Does - $275.00
Mature Dry Does - (over a year in age.) $225.00
Bred Does - $250.00 - $275.00 
Doelings - $175.00
Buckling - $175.00

Covenant Ranch Kinders Honor is a Kinder buckling born Saturday, July 30th 2011. If you would like more information about Honor, please use our contact us page.

Covenant Ranch Acrobat is a fine little registered Kinder buck. Born March 16th 2010. He is quite energetic and have wonderful conformation and lines. If you would like more information, plase use our contact us page.

Covenant Ranch Kinders Elliot is a Kinder whether. He is a great companion goat and is often called our 'traveling whether'. If you need a companion goat for your doe or buck, he would be a choice! He is very friendly and enjoys children.


To learn more about these wonderful, easy to manage hair sheep please visit: 

We track our animals growth and were pleased with our results raising multiple lambs to 97-99lbs in 100 days. Our goal that we set for ourselves is a lamb that is 100lbs in 100 days after birth!

Mature Rams - $175.00

Mature Ewes - $175.00

Bred Ewes - $225.00

Lambs - $125.00

Ewe/Lamb sets: Prices vary, please call for information


We are excited to offer our community free ranged chickens (broilers and laying hens), geese, and ducks. In the winter months we sprout seeds for our poultry along with our homemade chicken feed recipe. We often have a excess of eggs or broilers so keep a eye out for 'em!

Prices: (unless otherwise noted)

Free Range Broilers - $3.50 (per pound)
Free Range Eggs - $2.50 (per dozen)