Around the Ranch

The family orchard and vineyard consist of Peach, Apple,
Cherry and Pear trees as well as Blackberries, Red Raspberries,
Blueberries, Strawberries, grapes and Elderberries. We look
forward to our orchard growing as the Lord leads.

The garden is always a work in progress! The 2011 crop will
include all our family produce needs from asparagus to
zucchinis;. All of our garden is a collection of heirloom plants,
flowers and herbs started from seeds, grown responsibly,
preserved for our family needs, and then seeds collected for the
next year. It is a delight to work along side our children singing
and tilling in the garden.

The barnyard is filled with baaing and bleating, quacking and
chirping and don't forget our faithful barnyard cats as well.
Mornings and Evenings are filled with barn chores as we feed,
milk, collect eggs and take animals out to pasture or put them
away safely for the evening. Our barnyard friends include: Our
Jersey Milk cow- Annabell, Two horses- Miracle and Sugar, our
Kinder goats, Kathadin Sheep,and  almost 100 laying hens. We
can't forget our consistent laying Kaki Kampbell ducks and
three white Embden Geese. I love to watch the ducks graze in
the early morning. We are blessed by our faithful farm dogs who
herds sheep, protects the homestead and offers companionship
as well. The farm cats are appreciated as well- Daisy and Dixie!
Oh! And we can't forget the Apiary where there is always
activity buzzing!

The Apiary has become a reality for our son, Timothy. Timothy
has dreamed, studied, and enjoyed the honeybee for many
years. Since he was five years old he would sit in the apple trees
during the honey flow and watch as his bee friends were hard at
work. At the young age of nine, he is responsible for the honey
hives here at Covenant Ranch. He does an excellent job learning
from others and applying that wisdom to our hives. We are
excited to enjoy the honey crop these hard working, farm friends
bring to us here at Covenant Ranch.