Thursday, December 29, 2011

Reserve your Goats or Sheep

Kinder KidsGood Evening Everyone!
With winter come many wonderful things. Snow, hot coffee and early mornings in the barn. Another thing that comes with winter is the chance to reserve a Kinder goat. The Kinder goat is a wonderful very docile little breed. They are high milk and meat producers and also love children. If you would like to learn more about the Kinder breed please go to:
We have one doe for sale and will be taking reservations for a limited amount of time on the spring kids. We will have more kids for sale in the Fall of 2012.
Our prices are:
Call for details on Doe
$175.00 - Kinder Kids

For the first time Covenant Ranch is offering the chance to reserve a spring ramling or wether. We have a wonderful little herd of Katahdin hair sheep that we use for their meat. They are a sweet little herd of sheep and serve their purpose well. With the proper care,  lambs grow to 100 lbs. within 100 days without grain. If you would like to learn more about the Katahdin hair sheep breed you can do so by going to:
The Katahdin breed is hardy, has great meat quality, adaptable, no shearing needed, and much more.
Our prices are:
Ewe- $175 (registerable)

Ramling or wether- $125 (non-registerable)

To contact us, use contact information on sidebar. Or email us at

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