Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Seasons are changing…

Leaves of fall

The seasons are changing and so are many other things here on our farm.

The kids are quite rambunctious and are planning their escape routes. Although it means I will have some work to do (picking up knocked over buckets and raking up hay that they have oh so joyfully played in)  I do enjoy them greeting me each morning when I step outside. Soon, many of them will leave to their new homes and I will anxiously await Spring kidding.

The colors of the season are changing ever so slightly which means I will be tilling and preparing our garden very soon. The harvest this year was plentiful and full of memories. We harvested some of our first Kansas watermelons (the past years suffered from many goose attacks but this year we were able to find a solution for that) that were simply delicious! I actually still have a few in the garden that are ripening and one in my fridge waiting to be eaten.

The sheep are all fattening up for winter. We tease that they really are not fat but it is just all the fur making them look “fluffy”. Elisha is excited about being the new care taker for the sheep. His goal for next Spring is to get the lambs to 100 lbs. in less than 3 months. We are all excited to see what the end results will be!

Our new ‘farm hand’, Daniel Justice, is doing quite well and growing steadily. He is such a sweet little brother and dearly loves the outdoors. I will be so delighted when the day comes that he will be able to help me bottle feed kids, milk cows and ride horses. Until then, he happily sits in his mother’s arms.

Until our next porch swing visit…

To God be the glory.

Beth Joy

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