Thursday, September 22, 2011

Guard Horse Meets Guard Dog


Bear VS Miracle colloge

Well, here at Covenant Ranch we have quite a few animals that all like to think themselves the boss’ of the barnyard. The Rooster thinks he owns the barn (little does he know he will be in the soup pot come winter), the geese think they own the land the tread (little do they know they depend a awful lot of on us humans) the rams think they are the biggest, worst thing on the property (little do they realize that the cow is much larger than they), the cow is quite calm but put her with the sheep and she is no longer sweet and patient (a little bit of food quickly fixes this though). The list goes on and on! All the animals would like to think they own Covenant Ranch but the two that really fight for the position of barnyard boss are the horse and the dog (Miracle vs. Bear). This morning I watched as the horse and dog went at it again. Bear chases Miracle a bit, Miracle turns and chases Bear a bit and then they repeat. It is quite funny to see Miracle freeze and be as still as a statue just so he annoys Bear by not running for him or to see Bear lay down flat and sneak up to Miracle. I am quite interested in who will come out as boss or if either one will ever become boss. However, I must say both of these animals are so sweet. They also do a wonderful job guarding the farm. Bear loves to guard “his” farm and protect all the animals and our family but Miracle also loves to guard the cows. Maybe that’s the real reason they fight (because they both want to guard their livestock).

To God be the glory.

Beth Joy

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