Thursday, August 25, 2011

Preparing for Fall

036Fall is right around the corner and with it come beautiful colors, harvesting from the garden, and many fun memories. We prepare for each season differently. In Spring, we prepare for new kids and lambs along with the possibility of flooding. We normally muck out the barn during this time of year too. We also talk with all of our customers that have reserved livestock and make sure they are prepared. In Summer, we prepare for the extreme heats. We make sure all of our water troughs are clean and ready for use again.  We make sure all the animals are healthy, bright eyes and bushy tailed. We also check each of our herds and see if there are any we should cull out. And now we come to fall… one of the most beautiful times of year but not lacking in work either.

When someone mentions fall many memories come to remembrance.. Jumping in leaves and water puddles, planning, and sore aching muscles that tell of a day’s hard work. Today, I would like to share with you how my family prepares for fall.

1st. Clean out the barn… We clean the barn from top to bottom. making sure that each of the animals will have a cozy place to sleep. We must wash the shelves, dust the equipment, and make sure that everything will be tucked away safely until it is needed again.

2nd. Downsize…If there are any tools that we are not using we either put them on craigslist or give them away. If there is extra livestock that is not needed, or not useful for our farm we post them for sale…we go through every part of our barn (and home) and make sure we are not keeping any unneeded “treasures”.

3rd. Check Feed Supply…We enjoy seeing our animals happily feast through the fall and winter months. In order for them to eat well and stay healthy we must plan ahead. We talk to our local feed suppliers about the quality of the feed and if we should purchase more. There have been times we have been unable to pick up feed because of snow or flooding so this is something that is very important!

4th. Repair… We use this time of year to repair any stalls that may need a little updating, fences that animals maybe have broke through, or equipment before putting it away.

5th. Plant Fall Garden…I just love our fall garden! The fresh salads, delicious vegetables and so many other wonderful garden gifts. We will plan and plant our garden in the Spring and Fall.

6th. Decide what animals to breed…I like this part of the year because I get to be a little match maker. I get to decide which bucks and rams to breed to which does and ewes. I first decide off of conformation, then color, and then personalities.. this is the way it normally works, “he has the colors and markings but that one has the conformation and what he is lacking in color the doe makes up for..hmm” ect.

So that is most of what our family does to prepare for fall. We would love to hear what you do for your farm! If you have any questions or suggestion feel free to comment or email us through our “Contact us” on the sidebar.

To God be the glory.

Beth Joy (on behalf of everyone at Covenant Ranch)

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