Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Goat Named Grace…

Recently, we had some kids born. It was some twins(a little doeling and a little buckling). The mother liked the first born buckling the best through and decided to stomp on little grace (weighing in at 3 lbs.) and the adoptive mother decided Grace wasn’t very good either so she kicked her across the birthing pen. I (beth), on the other hand was quite silly that day and was enjoying spending time loving on Grace. So, Elisha (the main caretaker of the goats) had a choice that day, he could put Grace with the neglectful mother, the overly aggressive adoptive mother or the slightly loony adoptive mother (just kidding but he did decide to let me take care of Grace).

Grace (the little doeling), was taken into our laundry room and given very careful care. Grace started growing and became quite a lovely little doeling. She is only 3 weeks old, but she thinks she can conquer the world and also thinks she is a human and belongs in the house.

Matthew and Gracie had a wonderful day of play this week. They enjoyed playing “tag” and learning to jump (most kids learn to jump at about three days of age).

Here  are some pictures of their “play day”. matty and grace

matty and grace 1

grace and matty 3

That’s the end of this adventure…

Until our next chat…

Beth Joy (on behalf of everyone at Covenant Ranch)

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