Tuesday, August 2, 2011

2011 Lambs and Kids

Last month marked the end of kid and lambing season. Every year we learn more and this year was no exception. We decided to ‘experiment’ and breed some of our goats and sheep for spring and some for summer. The spring kids were much large and perky than the summer kids. I do enjoy the benefits of having milk year round though so we are going to play around with this some more in the following years.

Please Welcome the new barn additions.

Grace O'mally

Grace O’malley and her brother Honor. Kinder Kids

Victory and Beth.

Beth and Victory

And the sweet little lambs.


And that is the end of kidding and lambing season at Covenant Ranch. Keep a eye out on our Livestock page for the upcoming sales.

To God be the glory.

Beth Joy (on behalf of everyone at Covenant Ranch)

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